Karen for Council


I chose to accept a proposal to run for the office of Wheatfield Council only with the understanding that I am running for the people of the Town of Wheatfield.  I am a townsperson who believes that real change isn’t brought about by an institution that has become cemented into position through repeated elections. It is only brought about by new stock, new ideas and inclusion of all stakeholders.

With each election, the people of the town have an enormous opportunity to infuse their community with vital new additions who can bring different ideas to the table that could enhance their way of life. Our community has seen no great change in town government for a very long time. Since certain powers had successfully eliminated a long time supervisor, there has been nothing remarkable done to enhance lives in the town.

I will not stoop to name calling and belittling any opponent since I feel that they, too, had tried at one time to make the town one of the best in the area. With that said, however, their plans may have drifted, or they may be entrenched so deeply in the political aspects of their positions that they lost the original purpose that brought them to their chair.

I want to herald in a new era of town government that will truly function as a transparent body. Together, Tom Larson and I will fight to brand a governing body that will make responsible and well thought out decisions for the town.  I would like to see all appointed officials held accountable for their actions and reject any exploits that would favor any one particular person or entity.

We will pursue measures to attract businesses to the area that could create jobs without impacting resident taxpayers. The right to farm will remain an important role in the community as part of our unique heritage.

I do not represent myself as clairvoyant, but I do see exciting things happening with the enlisting of new minds on election day.

        American Pride!